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KITCHENS there’s no such thing as a good hostel without a good kitchen. A hostel needs a kitchen just like a human needs a brain, or a stomach or an iPad or something.

wertwertt Without a kitchen, how can the people cook? Without a clean kitchen, how can people cook happily? Without a big kitchen, how can people cook together? Without a modern kitchen, how can people cook without some sort of old time skills or something?

Well, its rustic, but not ideal…
No, you need a bloody proper bloody great big bloody proper good kitchen with all the things that you need and all the things that can be made and all the things that can be put in a kitchen. Apparently the place to start with is acquiring kitchen carcasses. They are not, as you might imagine, the dead bodies of brave kitchens that fought in the kitchen bathroom war of attrition that waged from the mid 1990’s until the peace accords signed in 2007. Neither are they kitchens who fell in the great kitchen-bathroom-livingroom triple threat that took place at WWE’s ‘House Of Pain’ event in 2013. No, kitchen carcasses are actually  just apparently UNDEAD KITCHENS WHICH CAN ONLY BE KILLED BY REMOVING THE HEAD OR DESTROYING THE BRAIN. No, they are like a kitchen unit but just the unit, no door or anything. Just the unit, just the bare bones. Get it? Kitchen carcass? Get it? Get it? Get it? Very clever!
If you buy great kitchen carcasses you can build great kitchen units. If you can build great kitchen units you can build a great kitchen. If you can build a great kitchen you can build a great hostel. If you can build a great hostel you can build a great community. And, most importantly, if we can build great communities we can build a great world. So yeah, kitchen carcasses are kinda important.
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