Hostel Guide: Barcelona

Ask any seasoned traveller…

They’ll tell you that Barcelona is as high on their list of places to visit as London, Rome or Paris

Although it might have taken some time to build up the kind of reputation that those countries have had for a few decades; the raucous night life, zany architecture and bustling atmosphere has made this party city one not to miss on any Euro trip.

One of the less savoury reputations that the city has taken a few years to shake off is the number of dodgy, or straight up dangerous hostels that would regularly rip off or steal from hapless travellers with no other option. Things have changed somewhat since then, with the development of user-based review sites like Trip Advisor and providing a safe outlet for hassled travellers to express their frustrations.

This increased transparency has taken all the risk out of booking hostels and also led to the overall quality of Barcelona’s hostel industry to rise – which is good news for everyone!

These five hostels show how far the city has come in such a short space of time.

Practical, stylish and cool – these are travellers’ hostels for the 21st Century:

Sant Jordi Gracia

Clean cut lines, cool wooden flooring, beanbags and bikes. Sant Jordi Gracia epitomises the new era of traveller hostel and attracts just the kind of clientele you’d expect from a place who (rather bravely) covered the majority of it’s rooms and corridors in brilliant white paint.

Motivational messages run up the stairs, graffiti style artwork adorns the walls and you’ll probably end up wanting to stay there forever and set up a startup.

Bed&Bike Barcelona

There aren’t many hostels that are trusting enough to supply their guests with free bikes to hire, but that’s the kind of place that Bed&Bike is. Reviewers praise the calm environment in this relaxed hostel, as well as the close proximity to town.

A massive open space, filled with hip low-key furniture and textures, is one of this hostel’s other great features.

Generator Hostel Barcelona

This centrally located hostel/aparthotel hyrbid has something for everyone. There are spotless dorms for those on a shoestring and a penthouse apartment for travellers with deeper pockets.

Each room is decorated with it’s own distinctive, but unmistakably Spanish style and the front of house staff are rated amongst the best in the city.

St. Christopher Inn Barcelona 

Sparse minimalism meets sarky street art in this well-rated hostel. Dorm rooms are comfortable and well designed, but if you cough up a few extra quid for a double room you’ll likely not regret it.

In a central position, St Christopher’s benefits from it’s own restaurant on the bottom floor, perfect for a late night snack or getting a head start on your day out.

Sant Jordi Hostel Rock Palace

Although Sant Jordi Hostel Rock Palace might look like a standard hostel from the outside, appearances can be deceiving. Travellers praise the friendliness of the staff, as well as the generous rooftop pool which makes for an ideal spot for late-night drinks.

With drum kits, electric guitars and music memorabilia covering the walls, this place definitely has a theme – don’t expect to have a peaceful night’s sleep!