Family Feelings

I don’t particularly care about anything and I’m quite lazy.

I think this a core problem for me.

I don’t really care about my family or friends, but they should know that I also don’t really care about myself, so it’s hardly an insult. I mean yeah, it’s no compliment. But life isn’t all compliments, so I don’t see how anyone can really complain about that.

My feelings

My sister.

My sister wants a lot of things, she’s really after stuff that girl. One week she wants some pair of shoes, then it’s concert tickets, then it’s a hat (that looks to me just like any old hat that you could buy anywhere, but, apparently, is a very special hat that you can only buy in one place and in that one special place it costs about two hundred British Stirling pounds).

My poor parents.

Last Christmas I got in touch with her before Christmas to see what she wanted for Christmas. She knows that I work a few days a week and am not a rich man. I’m not on the breadline but if I wanted any sort of lifestyle I would be.

I live a simple life and supplement that with a lot of drinking. But she goes off asking me for some fur gilet from some really rather fancy place down in London. That’s right a fur gilet. 


Yes. That’s what that is apparently.

Now, I have an opinion of myself, which is probably by a large margin quite inaccurate, that I try to stick to purchasing things which are essential, especially when it comes to big purchases. Of course, I spend money on alcohol, and that’s not essential. And I spend money on cigarettes, and they’re not essential. But, if you only buy those things, you realise that it means you can cope with not being able to buy anything more lasting.



A fur gilet is not an essential. So I refused. I got her a book that was reduced to 99p. She pretended to like it and I pretended to be happy.

That’s how family works.